OTT Solutions LLC - About Us

"Over The Top" Solutions staff is more than just software developers.  The complexity and scope of  projects demands a solutions provider with depth of knowledge and experience.  Our services and support are unparalleled in this regard.  We have successfully implemented hundreds of projects that are diverse in location, size, and operational philosophy.  Our services include sales, consulting, internet publishing, installation, training, support,  custom utilities, and more. 


Jason Morris - Systems Development, Support

Jason Morris is a professional IT consultant, Systems Engineer, and Software Engineer. With more than 10 years in information technology, Jason has developed experience in systems administration, engineering, and architecture specializing in Microsoft and VMware virtualization technologies. As well has experience in leadership, design, deployment, maintenance and documentation. Jason has a proven ability to deploy complete, working and reliable solutions. Jason enjoys working in a position with large scale infrastructures that enables him to continue to develop his skill set and will allow him to fully utilize his abilities. You can email Jason at



Neal Morris - Sales & Marketing, Systems Designer

Neal Morris has been in the computer business for over 30 years. With experience in the field of imaging for over 15 years. Mr. Morris has been responsible for publishing real estate records with the creation of the website,  Along with the management of support centers. Neal has also been responsible for data conversions, product development and design analyst. He also enjoys supporting our local school students with the creation of, a website to promote student activities with pictures and live streaming video. You can contact Neal by email at



Mission Statement

OTT Solutions LLC
Mission Statement

"Our goal is to achieve the redaction process of Security information from your documents at a low cost with superior services"